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Words From Families We Support:


Meet Tenzin

When I heard of Corey's Promise it was through my school district after we had been on news 12 regarding my son's blood drive. I was connected with the foundation as they reached out to the school looking to help my family. My family consists of myself, my son Paxton 11 and son Tenzin who is 8 and diagnosed with ALL. Tenzin was diagnosed on 6/2/22 and I have been out of work since. Tenzin has had many complications and hospitalizations since diagnosis. He is not currently attending school and won't be returning until September with a truncated schedule. Corey's Promise sent me a check to assist with my bills. I didn't have to request it nor did I have to fill out a lengthy application like many other organizations. We had a parent to parent conversation about having a child with cancer and the difficulties that come with that. I felt heard and understood more than I can ever put into words. I have told anyone who will listen about Corey's story and his family. My sister is asking for monetary donations made to Corey's Promise in lieu of presents for her son's first birthday in July. I will never forget the kindness and generosity sent my way by this amazing foundation.

Our daughter Belle was diagnosed with stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2022 at the age of 4. As we struggled to wrap our heads around this, we kept hearing about a young amazing star athlete who also was battling pediatric cancer in our area. Lucky for us our dear friend, Maria Ryan, knew Corey and his family and introduced us. It was a bonding moment that we will never forget. Belle and Corey with their perfect bald heads sat together while we exchanged our personal stories with Christie and Chris. For the first time we didn’t feel alone in this battle. It was apparent that Belle and Corey had a bond. Belle had scans the day of Corey’s funeral and we were told to be prepared that she would lose her leg but miraculously she was in remission!! We truly believe that Corey is her Guardian Angel.

Even though we started a new journey with Belle, there were medical bills to be paid, constant follow-up appointments to drive to, Christmas coming up, and with only one of us able to work at the time, that’s when Corey’s Promise stepped in to help. They generously gave us a financial contribution to support our needs. It meant so much! We will forever be grateful to Corey’s Promise and the work they do and are blessed to have had Corey in our lives.

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Meet Belle

Dear Corey’s Promise Team, 


We wanted to reach out and sincerely thank you for the donation you made to us.  The last year has been incredibly trying, but despite the ups and downs we have been amazed at the support we’ve received from this wonderful community. Having a child with cancer can leave you feeling afraid on so many levels. Afraid for your child, afraid for your family, afraid for the future. The grant that Corey’s Promise provided let us breathe a little easier with not having to be afraid of what is to come financially. We are beyond grateful for organizations like this, and hope that Corey is looking down from above and smiling with each and every family helped. Nora was never able to meet Corey, but she speaks about him frequently and we know he is watching out for her. God Bless. 



Nora Harris and Family

Meet Nora

My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2020. Since then he has gone through surgeries and chemo treatments all while managing a host of side effects. Corey’s promise took an interest in my son and during the Christmas season sent him a check to help with his journey. This unsolicited, personalized gesture demonstrated the kindness of the founders of Corey’s promise. My son goes through this journey with as positive a spirit as possible and many times he is surrounded by people who do not know the battle he fights day in and day out. When he received the letter and check from Corey’s promise I could see from his reaction that he felt seen and cared for, a fundamental that everyone wants, especially when fighting this awful disease. I am a donor now and will help in any way I can as I have seen first hand the impact of this organization on a patient’s life. Thank you Corey’s promise. 🙏


Meet Gavin

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